First Blog Post! Our First Project, Personalized Fire Truck Picture Frame Favors!

Hello World!! This is Mandy. I wanted to share with you what we did as our first project with our Glowforge laser cutter. First project for our first blog! We were super excited to get the laser cutter and wanted to create something for our son Parker's 3rd birthday party back in November. 

His birthday was fire truck themed so we decided to create personalized fire truck picture frames as party favors for all the little boys and girls!

Custom Name Fire Truck Birthday Party Picture Frames

Throughout the party, I went around and took pictures of each kid with my instant camera and put it in the frame. It was a fun project for both of us and there was definitely a lot of trial and error in getting the sizing and the look of the fire truck right.

Customized Fire Truck Birthday Picture Frames

We love adding a little personal touch by putting the names to the picture frames and inserting pictures in the frame on the same day so they can remember it too!

We also had Smokey's Fire Truck at our party and it was a hit! We all got to ride the truck around the neighborhood and the kids even got to use a "fire extinguisher." 

Fire Truck Birthday Party

Family Picture

The Glowforge gives us so many options to do so much with wood and acrylic. If you're ever interested in getting one and want more information, feel free to contact us and we would love to help! Here's a code to save $100-$500 on a Glowforge:

I will try to feature more projects and how-to's on the blog. Come back often! Thank you for your support!