A Little Business Talk

It's been almost 6 months since we started Happy.Crafted and I am not good at writing here at all. I can't believe this is only the second blog post, oops! 

A lot has happened and I've learned quite a bit these past few months. I finally decided to sell on Etsy and it has really changed how I'm handling Happy.Crafted. I was really hesitant to sell on Etsy at first because of all the complaints I kept hearing: exorbitant fees, a buyer's first policy, too much competition, etc. etc. These things are true lol! But being on Etsy increased my sales, gave me repeat clients, gave me a lot of custom orders, and increased visitors, yay! I was heavily relying on Facebook and Instagram ads and while that did help a tiny bit, I wasn't getting as many eyeballs as I'd hoped. Etsy really opened that up. 

It's much easier to sell Happy.Crafted products to those who are already looking to purchase on Etsy than trying to convince people on social media that they need to buy a cake topper. So those who are also hesitant, you should at least give it a try and see where it takes you. If anything, treat it as a new ad platform and try to bring more clients from Etsy to your site.

I will most likely try Pinterest ads next, as I do think my target market are Pinterest users, maybe? I gave them a try with a previous business and they really helped a lot with creating marketing content so my fingers are crossed! I'll report back, hopefully soon!